Edna Bonhomme is a historian and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for History of Science. She earned her PhD in the history of science at Princeton University in 2017.  Her dissertation, “Plagued Bodies and Spaces: Medicine, Trade, and Death in Egypt and Tunisia, 1500-1804 CE," explored the history of epidemics, trade, and funeral rites in North Africa and the Middle East. She co-created “Decolonization in Action,” a podcast series that explores the ways that decoloniality is understood and put into practice by artists, researchers, and activists.

Edna’s work is guided by diasporic futurisms, herbal healing, and bionic beings and she is currently completing her manuscript on North African port cities and a speculative knowledge about African disaporic women. She has collaborated and exhibited critical multimedia projects that interrogate gender, surveillance, and embodiment in Berlin, Prague, and Vienna. In addition to her academic interests, Edna has written for publications such as Africa is a Country, Der Freitag, Mada Masr, and The Nation.

To find out more about her activism, research, and writing you can email her at: bonhomme [at] posteo [dot] de.

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