For the alienated / by Edna Bonhomme

In light of those who might be alienated from the festivities of the pagan, Christian supremacist holiday which marks the beginning of the end of the Gregorian year 2017 CE, I wrote a succinct poem. 

Today, and everyday, I honor
those with fragile kinship structures,
or non-existent romantic partners,
those whose histories are erased
or who are constantly displaced.

I have love for the
the riffraff,
the ratchet,
the eccentric
the indebted.

I am in solidarity with
sex workers
And folks who identify as LGBT.

Shout out to all my fellow weirdos
who create alternative families
the queers who build communities wherever they may be.

Whether or not you know it or feel it, your difference gives you clairvoyance and power in a world that actively tries to silence you.